I love Heikki too

I love tea, I love Kimi. Avid F1 fan.






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Bahrain GP ‘12 Race (post race press conference)

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Sebastian Vettel with his father Norbert and brother Fabian in the Bonhams auction earlier this afternoon.

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Sebastian Vettel at the Bonhams auction in Stafford earlier today.

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We have to remember these days…”
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Happy Birthday Nagihan ♥♥♥ Like said, every day should be your best, the next even better than the previous. May you achieve everything you want in life, you deserve it.♥ …and may we share the biggest hug one day.♥

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It’ll be interesting to see if they remain friends, as it’s difficult when you are team-mates. His success is your failure & your success his failure. It puts pressure on the relationship. —David Coulthard on Vettel’s friendship with Raikkonen is in danger if they become team-mates


[i mean… i have this pic of Seb and Heikki together, but its so HQ + so many people already posted that pic, so i cropped it and post Heikki only :-)

in case  Heikkis girls want to stare closer at his eyes, and hair.. :-D]

A bit… ugly but at least he actually wrote some chinese! =P

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